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HeartBeam AIMI™ and AIMIGo™ have not yet been cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for marketing in the USA or other geographies.

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For Fiscal Year Ending Dec 31, 2022

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HeartBeam, Inc. (NASDAQ: BEAT) is a development stage digital healthcare company with proprietary ECG telemedicine technology that will redefine the way high risk cardiovascular patients are diagnosed in an ambulatory setting at any time and any place. Its breakthrough solution employs a reusable, credit card sized, 3D vector ECG recording device and cloud-based software capable of assisting a physician in diagnosing a wide range of cardiovascular disease. HeartBeam is initially focusing on a huge unmet need of helping diagnose heart attacks in patients outside of a medical institution. No single lead ECG technology can offer this value to patients and their physicians. This underserved market is several times larger than the cardiac arrhythmia detection market based on the prevalence of patients with coronary artery disease at high risk of heart attack.

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